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70 Alcohol Wipes Manufacture is a professional manufacture specialized in all kinds of wet wipes, including the baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, alcohol wipes, household cleaning wipes, personal care wipes, pet wipes, etc.,We have more than 10 lines in GMP cleaning rooms, the capacity of year has reached 20 billion bags , all the products come out under the high quality management control system, we also have been awarded FDA, CE, EPA, MSDS certifications together with ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO45001 quality management system. Our products were mainly exported to north America, western Europe, south Asia, and other many contries, which got the good reponse from all our customers and users.Welcome you all visit and deal the bussiness and discuss cooperation project with us in future.

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  • Address:1018 North Tain Street, East Qeoria, Yllinois 56118, U.S.A.
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70 Alcohol Wipes Manufacture
Website : www.firest.net
Telephone : +1-309-699-1900
Address : 1018 North Tain Street, East Qeoria, Yllinois 56118, U.S.A.

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